Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Foundation Wind Energy Limited (FWEL) is about how Companies aligns its activities with the expectations of our local community and employees in relation to its economic, social, and environmental impacts.

FWEL is complying with all the applicable requirements which apply on our projects. The CSR Policy was adopted with the aspiration that Companies wants to do more than just comply with the requirements for the benefit of the local community and be a responsible corporation.

FWEL is consistently involved in the CSR activities for the betterment of our employees and local community, some of the activities are listed below:

Education/ Primary School Facilities

The area surrounding our plants had a sub par education system in place. After noticing the lack of basic education, FWEL has set up a boys & girls Primary School for the local community along with uniforms and books. FWEL has also appointed suitable teachers who manage everyday school operations. Our aim is to expand these facilities covering more areas as to promote the culture of education.

Water Supply/ Provision of Drinking Water

Due to non existent Water & piping infrastructure within the area, FWEL carried out a Survey to determine the access of drinking water for the locals. After the survey it was evaluated that 7 Villages needed to be provided with Water Supply. For this purpose complete water & piping infrastructure was installed and set up. Works have been completed on all 7 Villages.

Health/ Medical Camps

Due to the far away distance of local hospitals and clinics, FWEL has arranged weekly medical camps in collaboration with Shine Humanity near the Project Sites and has provided the following health care facilities to neighboring villages:

  • Over 9,500 Patients has been treated as of December 2018
  • Provision of Transport Vehicle/ Ambulance for the Doctors & Patients
  • Complete Solar System provision for Medical Camps.
  • Furniture for Medical Camps.
  • Washroom facilities for Doctors & Patients along with House keeping facilities.

Home Solar Solutions

Due to the lack of electricity distribution infrastructure in the Area, the local populace were without sustainable electricity. Seeing the state of the affairs, the Management decided to set up Home Solar Solutions for 770 Houses. Out of which 445 have been installed and are online. The remaining system are currently being installed and will soon be operational.

Local Employment

As per the requirement of the local community engagement plan; company’s contractor has employed number of people as per their skills from the local communities. In operation and maintenance phase company has employed several local people at FWEL I & II sites.

Micro finance Loans

Skilled locals were provided with Micro finance loans to encourage the local community for setting up their business, to help improve the living standard of the local populace. There fore with FWEL’s assistance, the area now has grocery stores, taxi service, vehicle maintenance service, Fishing Equipment stores, meat & vegetable shops and cattle farming services. We believe that if the locals succeeded in capitalizing the opportunities provided to them then the over all quality of life improves.

Sewing Machines

Women are not far behind when it comes to skill and productivity. The skilled women of the villages surrounding our Wind Farms were provided with Sewing machines so that they can help their families in earning livelihood which will ultimately contribute to the upbringing to the area.

Grievances Redressal Mechanism

FWEL has developed and implemented a grievance redressal mechanism to resolve the complaints of locals in an effective and timely manner. According to local community engagement plan FWEL is committed to ensure security and privacy of community