The Operations Evaluation Department of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDBG) undertakers evaluation of completed projects, in addition to country, sector and thematic evaluations.

The Foundation Wind Projects I & II (2PAK.0137 & 2PAK.0138), which were approved by IDB on 8 June 2012, by way of leasing financing totaling US$ 140 million, have been selected under OE Departments 1439H (2018G) Work Program for the purpose of conducting an independent assessment of the projects and learning lessons from the experience.

Br. Oguz Ceylan (Senior Evaluation Specialist) and Br. Nabeel Kasmani (Evaluation Specialist) assisted by a consultant will undertake the post-evaluation mission. The mission has been tentatively scheduled for the period May 1st to 8th 2018. The exact travel itinerary of the mission will be communicated to you in due course of time. The mission would like to visit the project site, to collect data and discuss the projects implementation and performance with the key officials of the executing agency, company, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders.


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